Many ways to beat the hot weekend

We faced another hot weekend with predicted temperatures up to 26C...we beat that with 3,5C higher being once again the hottest spot in Europe.

What is a better way to beat the heat but to jump in still fairly cold water?  It's been ages since I've been diving since my surgery forced me to stay dry most of the spring & summer.  But it felt quite refreshing to be under water again.

After a visit to my parents, I spent the rest of the afternoon & evening in a cool old church building (preparing) for our choir concert.

Today we continued the make-over of our little city garden and washed all the garden furniture, our deck, windows (playing with a lot of water) ....bought some new flowerpots  and then barbecued in the evening with some good friends.  Aaaah fun weekends!


Brian Miller said…
nice. it does sound like a fun weekend...and you really should post us a vid of your choir...just saying...

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