• My foot is itchy and stinging due to a stubborn rash infection that is still there after a few weeks of medication.  Since it's contagious I switch socks all the time and since I live out of my suitcase partially and don't do laundry until I have a full basket of a color/temperature and because I saw a good sock deal in the Hema...I impulsively bought 21 new pairs at once this weekend :p (different types though: long/short/sport/... ). 
  • I had no plans this weekend to go anywhere...it felt quite nice to be able to get some things done at home.
  • I wonder who are the people that vote for Eurovision.... weird weird taste.  Too bad for Ireland & Germany & Moldavia for not scoring higher.   Ugh for Azerbeidjan winning. Yikes.
  • I'm testing new hiking shoes...last pair was expensive and causing blisters consistently with every walk. Fingers crossed that these go better!  
  • I wonder what next week brings. Not sure I want to know. I am definately not prepared.
  • I lost the mayorship of our home this week at foursquare. Darn.  Being mayor of multiple hotels isn't quite the same.
  • It's easier to dress for hot summer weather than cooler spring weather.
  • The Belgian strawberries are really nice at the moment


Brian Miller said…
hope your foot gets better and that the hiking boots work out...good boots make all the difference...
Betsy said…
snelle beterschap! and just think-- when your foot has healed you'll have all kinds of cute new socks to wear with your hiking shoes! Gotta love Hema!!!
Jessica said…
I'm obsessed with Hema socks! especially the running ones. I was spending 16 euros per pair (!) on fancy nike ones but all of them now have holes. The 3 euro Hema ones are still good as new! (As you can see, life is dull here in Mons) Yay socks and Hema!
Shan said…
Hope your foot is getting better. I'm sure it's really annoying.

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