Yesterday and the week before the solidarity choir Caminhando  brought their yearly charity concerts "Pearl" full of music from across the globe. We supported a local project that helps pregnant women in vulnerable situations  and an organisation that provides adjusted music education to disabled children.

The concerts were a lot of fun and I really loved this year's songs that aligned well along the theme of powerful woman in difficult situations, motherhood and looked back at our 15th anniversary.

These anniversary concerts were immediately the last I've done with Caminhando. Due to my new working schedule I'm missing all rehearsals and that's not exactly a good method to participate in a choir :p.  Anyway, I'm glad I still made it to the concerts. I hope you enjoy some of the music we brought as well.

Revival (South-Africa)

Gabriela's song (Sweden)

Maria Maria - Mercedes Sosa (Bolivia)

Les p'tits papiers - Serge Gainsbourg (France)


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