Right from our arrival I loved Quebec city. The ride from the hotel to the city center passed by woody lanes aligned with beautiful big houses, big beautiful schools etc and was really quiet....not quite what I had anticipated for such a well-known city and quite a contrast from the metropole Montréal.

We arrived at the old upper city, saw the big city gates with some horse carriages aligned. The little streets with old pubs & store leading to pittoresque squares with statues were breathing a very European atmosphere.

The weather really cooperated with our visit: although the clouds were threatening at first to deliver the predicted showers, after a while the sky broke open in blue sky.  Combined with a strong wind that almost blew us off the ramparts of the citadelle, we actually got back into the hotel with unanticipated red cheeks.

For 1,5 days we walked through the streets of the upper & lower city, along old city walls, chateau's & fortresses and the big historic parks.  Much to my surprise Quebec city is tiny & quiet but I didn't get the feeling "is this it?" at all?  On the contrary, I couldn't get enough from strolling the streets and enjoying the passers-by from a terrace. I'm convinced that this is the prettiest North-American city.


Jenn said…
I agree, I love Quebec City. It's old and beautiful.

yab said…
Toegevoegd aan mijn lijstje te bezoeken steden.
Marleen said…
Absoluut de mooiste stad :-)

Leuvense die vorig jaar 7 maanden in Québec heeft mogen wonen met man en dochters

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