I feel there's some movement behind my back and when I turn around I see that a little kid is in front of the door but apparently his height is not picked up by the sensor to open the door. Jan moves helpfully in front of the door so the glass parts slide wide open and a little kid walks in determinedly with a big grin on his face.

"Ah little Jack, you come to get a vitamine? ", the pharmacists says
but he's ignored by the kid who walks straight to his goal: a little vitamine C dispenser at the side of the counter.  Still grinning, he turns the big button until one of the little orange candies falls down in the transparent container where he can pick it up.

When we walk out again, he's already off racing his little bike with his short legs, along the park further and further. We both stare at him also with a big grin on our face.


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