Edinburgh in a golden autumn sun

A few months ago I learned I'd have to go for a few days of meetings to Edinburgh previous week. It didn't take Jan and I much tought to combine that with a free weekend there, since we always love to go back to the place where Jan used to work and live. Always good fun to reconnect with our friends there!

The weeks before had been quite busy for me (you might have noticed I was a bit more quiet here) and therefore the anticipation of a prolonged stay in the Scottisch capital was a good one. I'd stay after my meetings were done and Jan would fly in for the weekend too.   

During our meetings the weather was rather crappy with lots of rain and a harsh cold wind, yet by the weekend a nice late summer sun came out and stayed giving the city a glorious gold shine. Absolutely lovely. And the advantage of being on a weekend city trip in a city you know already soooo well is that you do not feel obliged anymore to get up at a decent time to visit all the "must visit" places from your tourist guide. It's just  relaxed walking around, enjoying the sun and meeting up with friends  or sleeping in in the beautiful appartment we had rented for the weekend.


Shan said…
Gorgeous pictures!
Brian Miller said…
oo what cool pictures...the swan one is great but lovee all the architecture as well...

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