Last Thursday, the Belgian newspaper headlines were euphoric
Last Thursday, most Belgian politicians seemd euphoric
That night and that morning there were extra news editions
I got feliciations from my colleagues in the Amsterdam office

After 15 months of failing negotiations since last elections (because that government fell because they couldn't find an agreement to (amongst other) split the Brussels electoral district),  8 years after the court houses ruled the current electoral district unconstitutional, more than 40 years since its existence....8 Belgian political parties had found a compromis to restructure Brussel-Halle-Vilvoorde, define the electoral rules in the 6 "facilities" municipalities in Flanders just around Brussels with a Frenchspeaking majority, and  how to deal with the 3 mayors that do not get appointed by the Flemish government.

"Congratulations, you have finally almost a government, I heard", said a Dutch colleague.
Well not quite yet, they still need to negotiate on a restructure & refinancing of our federal state and if that succeeds, they need to negotiate on the topics each government needs to deal with " the financial crisis, budget, economics, justice system reform, ....".   So euphoria is probably a bit misplaced still, yet they've cleared a huge hurdle that blocked any governing of Belgium since 2007 really.  So yeah, I was happy.


Brian Miller said…
baby steps...if they all of a sudden had it all figured out we might actually expect something great of them...haha...
jokemijn said…
het voelt als een behoorlijk klein stapje aan. Hopelijk gaat elke volgende stap iets sneller.
Virtualsprite said…
Little steps are better than no steps at all. Glad to hear there has been progress!
Math Worksheets said…
Slow n steady wins the race

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