Gosh what happened to Dorre the Baker

This sight was quite a shockto me last weekend......help, where is Dorre The Baker?  What horrible tragedy was revealed here?

For the non-Leuven readers:  in the main pedestrian shopping street is in the middle a statue of a pre-war baker, picking up dough from customers to bake it for them in his oven. But clearly Dorre was no longer there with only his amputated foot remaining :(. The poor man had already regularly and mysteriously lost an arm in the past, victim of some baker hating vandals.

Some googling learned me that last Thursday a truck backed up stupidely and basically ran Dorre over and amputated his leg. Ouch , poor Dorre. I hope there's some good baker surgeons around  and maybe someone should pick-up the left-behind foot so Dorre can cure and return in the future.


zusjesenzo said…
Het resterende stukje been wordt ondertussen ook al gretig als vuilbak gebruikt, zag ik onlangs.
Autumn Leaf said…
Ik vroeg me het eergisteren ook al af toen ik dat zielige stompje van Dorre zag staan. Bedankt voor de update en ik wens hem ook van harte een spoedig herstel toe!
Stacey said…
I guess now he is Creamed Dorry. Poor guy!
Thanks for coming by my blog. I'm still alive and well. It's my birthday today! I'm heading to London ON for school starting next week which is very exciting.
Brian Miller said…
oh, poor her...only a half a leg left...so they are fixing it?

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