It's a secret pact to spread the Flemish accent across the world

I was talking to a colleague in the Amsterdam office when all of a sudden an expat in Amsterdam turns around, stares at me and states "hey, you have the accent of Mega Mindy" .  2 desks further another expat turns and replies "no I think she sounds more like K3".

When I was a kid we were often watching Dutch tv as the Belgian tv was boring. I grew up with Ome Willem, the Dutch Sesame Street, .... But Belgian tv boomed in the 90ies and became more creative and now I doubt that many Belgians still watch Dutch tv.  Studio 100 became a big child tv production house ...a bit like our local Flemish Disney studio's with programs & shows ranging from toddler cartoons to pre-teen series, and several theme parks also abroad.  Because they succesfully export their products.

And hence the Flemish accent gets familiarized into the next foreign generations. Wooohaaaa, global domination starts small ;)


Brian Miller said…
funny i speak flemish all the time...smiles.

now rake those leaves up...smiles.

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