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Warning, Michael Connelly is seriously addictive
That's the warning on the backside of my book. I already know that, been through quite some Connellys although not all of them are as good.  The first one I ever ready from him 'City of Bones' got me immediately in its grip and 'The Poet' was chokingly good.

I started this book, completely unaware that it had been turned into a movie already.  I was dragged into the rollercoaster where lawyers & clients do not seem to be what they pretend to be at first sight, their goals aren't quite what you'd expect and a power struggle with lives at stake is ongoing. Very addictive indeed. Aaah I love such books


Shan said…
Well I have to say, I am the opposite... I've seen the movie, but didn't realize there was a book. I'll have to check that out.
Brian Miller said…
michael connely is a great writer...and this is an enjoyable movie as well...

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