Summer walk in October

We had a brilliant hot summer (including nature fires) in early spring and now we have a brilliant hot summer week in the is sure welcome after a crappy june/july/august where we burnt the wooden fire each evening to warm up, where we had to cancel dive/camping weekends due to rain and where we couldn't out of the door without a rain jacket & sweater.

Anyway, since mid previous week we have splendid summer weather....hitting 26-28C at end of September. Brilliant & bizar but sure welcome!

We had one of the rare occasions to walk through the high fens and enjoy the moor lands in a hot sun, in our T-shirt & short & sunglasses , secretly hoping to get a sunburn in October. Quite a contrast to last year's mushroom weekend...the mushrooms now weren't as flourishing as they had been a month ago. It was lovely now in bright sun & blue sky. And we ended our evening with some mojito's & a barbecue among the fallen leaves in the early sunset.


Brian Miller said…
does not sound like a bad day at all..and some cool scenery on the walk...from the moors to the trees...
Jenn said…
Looks like a lovely September. We have been having a great fall so far too.

I also still love the mirrors in your garden and the mojito looks delicious!

Virtualsprite said…
How beautiful!

We've been having a similar week where I live in Wisconsin. Warm weather before the big freeze, so we've been taking advantage of it, too.

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