This weekend's thoughts and observations

  • An alarm that goes off at 4.15 AM is waaaaay too early. 
  • I don't hate the fall if it comes with a lovely bright soft sun. Not my usual idea of the fall. But yesterday it was absolutely lovely to stroll along the beach with a friend and have a drink outside. And today it was absolutely lovely to walk over the Sunday market. 
  • It's amazing how many  leaves one tree in a little garden can produce...and it's amazing how green that tree still looks.  It'll be probably more amazing how quickly you don't notice anymore that I've cleared all the leaves today. 
  • I saw a few guys breaking into a parked car today...Visibly forcing a long tiny stick through a crach in the door , in front of the window towards the lock. I walked by and let them continue.  The fact that they were cops made it seem legitimate to me.
  • I've finished today a big to do list of cleaning-up tasks and getting the house reorganised....Great but all the fun stuff on the bottom of the list, like reading all your blogs will lack time. Pfff, I didn't forget you guys but now I must go and do some ironing first.
  • They are pretty comfortable
  • I was last week on a training and leadership styles and motivational profiles etc was part of I can't stop analysing what I do and why....intriguing stuff but it can probably drive you mad


Brian Miller said…
ha at least we hope they are legitimate...smiles.
Virtualsprite said…
We have one tree in our big yard and it still makes an awful lot of leaves to clear. :-) Love your thoughts and observations.

Oh... Twitter... had to tone it down. My editor was getting annoyed. Hopefully I'll be able to get back to it soon.

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