A few weekends ago I was painting at my parents home, refreshing their office room. And everyone knows that paint doesn't stick properly to the walls unless there's some good music.  It turned out to be the top 99 of the 90ies hitparade that day.  Man man man, what a combination to guarantee a day of flashbacks.

Amazing how you can grow up in a decade of music....from happy smooth pop sounds and tween celeb crushes ( Berre Bergen van de Kreuners, Michael Jackson, Vanilla Ice) ...to very light dance music when I started to get interested in going to parties and practiced secretly dancing in my room in front of the mirror (Haddaway, Culture Beat, Ace of Base, ...)  while I mocked the naieve young girls that clinged to those ridiculous boysbands (Good Shape, Backstreet boys, Get Ready) .  However to be cool, I claimed my sister's tape collection and (re)discovered the 80ies classics. After all, none of this weak commercial stuff could ever beat the early LP's from The Cure, David Bowie and U2, right?
Once at university I could still enjoy some loud & commercial beats (2 Fabiola, Gala, Milk Inc, Sash!, Fiocco) during parties, but I really was into folk with some developing interest in rock/alternative music (Alanis Morisette, K's Choice, Liquido, Faithless, ...).  Good taste comes with age right :)

It was funny that while painting and hearing all this music my mind flashed constantly to camp dances, school lunches, homework in my room, birthday parties from friends, vacation in Spain etc... So cool how music triggers memories and indulged me all day in a huge flashback to my teenage & student years. We completed the weekend theme with a dinner with an old elementary/high school friend of mine whome I had not seen in years.  Fun!

Jan started scanning old pictures last Friday. Promptly I needed to do so too. Another thing I've been wanting to do for so long but never happened.   Unfortunately a bunch of negatives seem lost which makes it more labour intensive, but my trip through California , Nevada & Arizona have been done.  Oooooh all the memories, the fun, the stories.  I miss the gang and the good times.  Can't belief it's been that long already!


Brian Miller said…
ha what cool pics...

i know what you are saying about music as well..we bought a car recently (after having two die in less than 6 months) and it came with a 90 day satelite radio subscription...oh my...i am such a 80s junkie...that is all i have ben listening to...smiles.

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