Made in Belgium: Malibu Stacy

When I started this "Made in Belgium" series 2,5 years ago I painfully realised I knew little or no bands from Wallonia.  Blogging about Belgian music did widen my radar when listening to the radio and discovering new things that turn out to be Belgian too.    I really really appreciated the "La Musique fait la force" program on Studio Brussel and Pure FM last February , a rare joint bilingual radio program broadcast on both sides of the language border that splits our little country.  Fabulous concept, should be repeated much more frequently.  So much more new cool bands to discover and taste more off.

Malibu Stacy is a group I heard then.
Malibu Stacy is a group from Liege. They wan the Concours Circuit, a sort of Wallonian Rock Rally? , in 2004. So what do you think? Should we get to know them better in the north?

Razorback - 2011

 Los Angeles - 2006


Brian Miller said…
they have a really fun sound to them...also like that first video much...

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