Difficult concepts for a 4-year old

  • 'working from home' : I can see you, you are there, so clearly you can play with me
  • 'working in general' : what are you doing???? when will you be done?
  • 'commuting for work ':  where are you ? why did you leave with your iPad?
  • 'I don't play games on my iPad': so what do you use it for? And if you don't play games, why did you take it with you?
  • 'colleagues': what is the name of your friend? 
I worked from home yesterday, which was the first time I was 'home' in the neighbour's boy vacation time. He found it confusing that I didn't play with him.  Today it was even more confusing that Jan was home and I wasn't  . The disaster was that I took my iPad along with me.


Brian Miller said…
ugh...my boys struggle with this one with T working from home on mondays and fridays...def not easy....

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