Made in Belgium: Ingeborg

This rainy depressing fall day brought Ingeborg to my mind. She was a young theatre/arts/cabaret student when she was selected to represent Belgium at the Eurovision songcontest with her song "through the wind". I actually liked this pure simple poetic song very much that at that time was still brought without the current Eurovision kitch circus. (Ok , maybe we could have brought a bit more visuals to the stage). Nevertheless a shame that this song got such a bad result at the contest. In that period I bought a cassette from Ingeborg and I've played her poetic songs over and over and I still think she has a beautiful voice. Her texts are sometimes deep and breakable and then very cheerful again.

As of 1990 she started presenting on the commercial tv though and my current association with Ingeborg are silly hyperactive child programs and questionable tv such as Blind Date programs etc.   After her first CD she's not really known for her music anymore. 

In the last years she presented life-style programs and yoga./meditation teachings...quite a contrast to her previous hyperactivity on tv. Some of her recent spiritual quotes are a source of mockery in the national press and on social media.  With the disappearance of the lifestyle tv channel she worked for, she is no longer on tv but fully employed in her own meditation/yoga studio.  When I listen to her old music again, I do think we miss some of her talents though....the fragile texts, honest music and good voice.

Door de wind - Eurovision songcontest 1989

Als dat gebeurt


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