Made in Belgium: Zita Swoon

Zita Swoon always triggers the association with its extravagant singer Stef Kamiel Carlens and his exuberant dressing style. Even though  I have never payed much attention to Zita Swoon until in the more recent years some of their songs attrack my attention for their warm summer feeling.

In 2010 Zita Swoon travelled through Burkina Faso and since then they also bring African influence rock songs which I absolutely love.   I adore Sababu so I bring it here in 2 different versions. I realise I've been underestimating Zita Swoon and they'll definately get much more of my attention.

Sababu (live in Burkina Faso )


 Hot Hotter Hottest (live at Rock Werchter 2008)

Thinking about you all the time (2004)

 Don't hold me back by Neeka & Stef Kamiel Carlens


Brian Miller said…
nice...were they on tv recently? three was a very similar band...i def enjoyed the blend of instruments in that live version...and voices...
Brian Miller said…
ozark...i am in the ozark mountains on vacation...smiles...

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