Celebrating Abraham 2012

When you start living in Leuven, you come across all kinds of references to the "men of the year xx" or "organisation of the years" .  I never really got what it is about, not even when Jan joined "the men of the year 72" . There seems to be so many traditions that I can't keep track off, but essentially each year a new organisation is founded with men from around Leuven turning 40.   They get together , plan activities together (going on a weekend, rock festival, sport...or just going for drinks) , ...and stay active for at least 10 years when they celebrate their 50th birthday. The fun part of it is that you make a group of friends unrelated to your study time, work, sport club, ....but a cross-section of people in the city with the same age.

On top of that, as said, there's loads of traditions and activities linked to events in the city  and linked to other "men of the years".   Men of the year often help at local festivals and fairs for fundraising etc...

Earlier this year the associations of "men of the years" got recognition as Unesco culteral heritage.

So last Saturday it was Abraham celebration and since Jan left with a brand new nice suit (ha, the men of 72 have flashy unesco blue colored shirts!) , I had to go check out what it was all about.
The park had filled with clusters of men in similar suits, flags, a marching band , curious people watching and passing families on their way to the fair.

Every association has its own flag

Speeches for the men of 62 who see Abraham this year

Clusters of men in similar suits

Parade towards "Kamerood Sesteg", sculpture for the men turning 40

Kamerood Sesteg, dressed in uniform men of 62

Kamerood Sestig getting T-shirt men of 72

Men of 62 giving men of 72 a pin

Abraham watching it all approvingly

Flag of the association being handed from the men of 72 to the newly founded men of 73

Fonske dressed up in suit of men of 62 in city center

Men of 72 posing in front of congratulations to men of 62


Brian Miller said…
that is pretty cool that they form these social circles...bet you meet quite a few new people....neat stuff...

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