Made in Belgium: Trinity

This week I discovered a new 70ies disco band...apparently the guys from the Pebbles realised in the 70ies that disco was the new thing.  They found some hilarious fashionable outfits, hired a young singer to join them (apparently there were al plenty of duo's , so a trio would be more original).

So Trinity was born  and Trinity was succesful during a couple of year.    35 years later it's hard to imagine that this was seriously the music & looks that was all around.  Those must have been the days :D, living in one big dress-up party.

002345709 that's my number

Drop drop drop


Brian Miller said…
nothing wrong with a little 70s every once in awhile...smiles....sometimes i do wonder what they were thinking fashionably...smiles.
Anonymous said…
Well, those outrageous outfits were very trendy on TV and on stage during the 70s! Remember Elton John, David Bowie, Slade, ABBA and all those glam rock acts!
If you want to know more about Trinity, here are the websites I've dedicated to them. Greetings, Jean-Marie Potiez

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