The Redball project

Kurt Perschke's Redball project has arrived in Leuven....and it's conceptually just as awesome and original as simple.  And now all social media is full of the most fun pictures with a giant red inflated ball at different locations in the historic city center.....have a look here


Brian Miller said…
haha that is really neat to stumble upon it in unusual places...
That is really wild! I wish we had the ability to do something like that where I live, but our buildings are too far apart.
Anonymous said…
Hi Goofball

We (a group of four students in the cultural studies)want to use your second photo about the redball in Leuven. Is that ok for you?

Goofball said…

What and where will you use it for? where will it be published? Can you make copyright mention with link to this post?


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