First snow & Christmas markets

This morning we woke up in the Ardennes with a white carpet of 20cm of snow.

And 'fun' to shovel the long driveway together again with our visiting friend & the neighbour accompagnied by the enthusiastic chatter of the 4yr old neighbour boy, making snow angels or 'helping' us.
The day before we had visited the Christmas market in Monschau (just before the snow arrived) which was lovely as ever.

Unfortunately blogger announced last week while I was uploading my Bonareains  Part III pictures that I had reached the limit of my implicite Picasa account.  Ah, I'm pissed.   I'm at this moment contemplating what to do: pay, finally switch my blog to wordpress or something else.

Anyway....if you want pictures, check out last year's post and deduct 1 inch of snow ;). And here is Monschau in the snow or without.


Shan said…
We had snow too, but not quite that much. Just enough to make the Santa Shuffle 5k pretty.
Brian Miller said…
ack...this limit thing stinks....
i soooo want snow!

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