I notice I've been more quite online than usual....not to worry, nothing's wrong. I've just been very busy and often tired on my free moments on the evenings: many international meetings where evenings were filled with dinners with colleagues. And I've been struggling with the heating which broke down in the first half of december at home, so I fled those evenings when I was home to warmer places or curled up in my bed.
And the last 10 days I had a cold, giving me the feeling I look cross-eyed and my thoughts are invaded by snot.
but now I have some time off at the end of the week and apart from some festive get togethers with family & friends, most of the time is unplanned where nothing must happen but lots can happen. At first it'll be catching up sleep and just hanging out idly...so looking forward to it.


Brian Miller said…
hope the cold has passed and you were able to enjoy christmas...its a busy time of year that is for sure...

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