Finally last Saturday the sun came out, the temperatures rose but didn't exaggerate (so weather didn't get killed right away with a heath thunderstorm)  and the nice weather already stayed for a week and is not going away just yet.

Yeaaaaay, yeaaaaay.

Everyone asks me concerned if I can cope the heat? Yeah, so far I can cope just fine. This is not a heatwave yet and I'm not in the end of my pregnancy yet.  And I thoroughly enjoy being able to lunch outside (with gazpacho! mmm) or sit with the windows open and wear my nicest pregnancy clothes that were all catered for summer weather.  And I'm looking forward to spend some time outside with friends in the garden or in the city this weekend. Or even when I'm working, it's simply more cheerful to see the sun outside.

I love summer! It makes me happy.

Yeaaaay :)


Brian Miller said…
smiles...and a happy mommy is a good thing...summer is fun...

ours has been wet so far...raining every day....then humid after....

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