Finding a new rhythm...that's what my life is now about.

Yes I'm living on a baby planet and I'm suffering from the "first baby syndrom" which means that I'm on a discovery trip of this planet where all seems new & exciting & confusing & scary/frustrating at the same time (the latter when I can't seem to figure out the changing rules of this new planet).

Feeding start every 90 minutes - 3 hours and in between we are soothing cramps, feeding ourselves, trying to get some rest, trying to go out for short walks, ...but hopefully also watch some tv (usually while feeding) and glance at my FB & twitter feeds and maybe have a short chat with someone (usually while feeding as well so forgive my typo's. I'm not seriously trying to type in riddles :p ).

I get visits from a fantastic midwife that supports me with the breastfeeding and care of Kabouter, while we also get some maternity household help twice a week.  It's great to be able to ask advice from people that have seen it all before all the time.  Those people are heroes!  While I'm taking a shower and have some breakfast or try to take a nap, they've soothed cramps, bathed Kabouter, cleaned our living room & kitchen, ironed our clothes or prepared some meals and baked a cake for visitors later on that day.   Heroes. And Jan is a hero too.


Jenn said…
Ahh newborns, it certainly is a lot of work, nice that you have the help too. It's such a HUGE life adjustement.

Glad to see you are adapting. I found as I got use to one routine the baby would go and switch it up. Suddenly growth spurt and they were eating more or sleeping more... good luck with figuring it all out.


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