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Having a newborn baby at home shrunk my world substantially : no more international commuting, no long drives, .... the first week I just camped in the house, either breastfeeding Kabouter either trying to get some food or sleep.

Thankfully Jan really stimulates me to go out for a walk each day. These are usually cramped in between 2 feedings.  Nevertheless we found time lately to sit down briefly downtown for a coffee after running some errands or have a quick lunch.

I realised that I'd gain much more freedom & flexibility once I learned to breastfeed at public places.  And last weekend I did for the first time a couple of times with our friends from Edinburgh...Handy if you find a more or less calm place!!

and by doing so, Lucas is getting to know the loccal horeca little by little...but still lots left to explore ;)


Leslie said…
Yay for you!

I never breastfed Julia in public. I arranged my whole schedule around her feedings to avoid it and that was ridiculous! I'm thankful to have gotten past that with Lucy. If I didn't breastfeed in public at this point in motherhood, we wouldn't be able to go anywhere!

Jennifer Brown said…
Is does take a while to get good at it before you can do it in public. I also recommend a really good cover. were my favorite. I didn't have one with the first, but this one made it much easier the second time around.

Good luck!

Goofball said…
Hi Jennifer,

I used a regular scarf to avoid flashing too much breast (I probably did though...he was wriggling in all directions when i tried to make him latch on correctly) but I'd rather not entirely cover the baby either. Is that bebeaulait cover a bit transparent for him seems so huge? How can you then control how he's latching correctly?

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