Trip to the Netherlands

I must admit I've been a bit jealous when Jan was travelling for work to the UK, USA, DK, ... for his work recently and that my travelling has stopped in August.  I had hoped to join him with Kabouter to the USA but in the end we realised that was a bit naive idea and too soon for the little one (and myself).

But beginning of previous week he had to go to Amsterdam, well known to me as well. The drive isn't that long, so we decided to turn it into a family trip. It was a good test to see how Kabouter would cope with longer car drives and sleeping in hotel rooms...and how we would cope to travel with a baby as well. 

Kabouter took it very well and kept his usual rhythm throughout the trip.
We stopped in Scheveningen again where we always love to go back and treasure our memories of the good old days where Jan and I just met.  The wind along the beach was icy cold, but refreshing...but the meal in the restaurant afterwards was nicer.  

While Jan was working the next days in Amsterdam, I could go and visit some former colleagues at the office and stroll around with Kabouter.


Kristy said…
Looks like a good time. Such cute photos

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