Made in Belgium: The Broken Circle Breakdown Bluegrass Band

"The Broken Circle Breakdown" is a Belgian movie currently nominated for the Oscar of Best Foreign Language film after it already received movie awards on many international festivals such as in Oostende (Belgium), in Kopenhagen, in Oslo, ... and Veerle Baetens won the European film award for the best actress as well as similar award in New York for her role.

The movie features a couple playing in a Bluegrass band.

In all honesty, I've not seen the movie yet and despite all the awards and outstanding reviews, I'm a bit afraid to view it as the story features the loss of their daughter and somehow I'm currently afraid for the emotions such a story will trigger.  The image would be so beautiful but also so raw and painful.But more and more I think I should simply go and see it (and cry my tears out if I need to do so)...good thing about the Academy Award nomination is that they have released it again in Belgium to give people like me a new opportunity. Music features an important role and the single "If I needed you" has been on the radio constantly in Belgium, as well as some other gorgeous bluegrass music from the movie.

So now we all cross for them to win that deserved Academy Award!!


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