Study & tv instead of snow walk

Last week there was already snow in the Ardennes and all week the temperatures remained low enough for the few inches of snow to stay.  And they predicted lots of rain at the end of the I counted that the highest tops would get fresh snow.

So off we went yesterday towards the Ardennes, hoping to make a nice snow walk today. Bleh, the "lots of rain" didn't come at night when temperatures are at the lowest, but came today. All day we looked out the window to see drizzle rain fall down and turn the bit of snow into a melting mess. Bleh. On top of that I joined Jan and Kabouter in solidarity on their cold. My nose is now running as well and Kabouter's ongoing cold seems to have worsened. Bleh.

So we didn't go for a walk at all. Instead we stayed inside and I did some self-study and we relaxed a bit in front of tv. Not quite how I had intended my day but it was the best we could make of it.

On our way back the sky was quite spectacular though


Brian Miller said…
uh are already in seems to be in control of the remote...hahaha

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