Tough week

Last weekend I got a sinus cold.

Then I had to leave to a course / exams to obtain some certifications I want to have. I had deliberately chosen an accelerated course but that meant that I had to prepare a lot (which I did) and had to study & do lots of homework in the evenings after a 12 h class day (which I did too). Pretty tiring. But on the exam days I got stomach flu.  Oh yes, perfect timing.  Fortunately I carried some drugs on me to drug me up for the duration of the exam.

Rest of the week I did not get better yet but started feeling weaker & weaker due to dehydration & lack of food.   But I seem finally on the mend.   With all weekend plans cancelled and some more rests, I hope to be back alive & kicking next week.


Brian Miller said…
ugh. i feel you...grad school is kicking my butt...about to start 2 new classes, while working, so....

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