Carnival by Belgian "Turcs"

I have said it before that I do not like carnival. I never did and I usually find the parades in Leuven rather pathetic (only seen one once by accident). 

However in the east of Belgium Carnival is quite big and the last year's we've always seen many dressed up people and well decorated houses while driving through the region.  You can see & feel that carnival is alive there...much more than organisation groups from all the country are invited to form a parade while the locals gaze a bit in apathy (cfr the one I saw in Leuven). 

So when I realized that our neighbour village was having a carnival parade this afternoon, I was curious to see what it was like and out I went with Kabouter on my belly.

As soon as I arrived in the village, I was a bit surprised by seeing so many Turkish flags but I remembered that they were nicknamed "the Turcs".   A name they clearly treasure so the parade featured sultans etc... and was headed by some sultan-like figures on horses carrying big Turkish flags. 

"in front of the hotel 'the old Sultan'"

I liked the interaction with the public in this parade. Often you could see that the participants recognized some of the public, and they invited them into a little dance, skit , ...  Or they were handing out shots all the time :p.  Unfortunately nobody recognized me (or they considered it inappropriate to give me alcohol with a baby on my belly).

Some spectator was temporarily captured and prisoner in the parade

Confetti flying around everywhere....I had to vacuum twice at home once I got back and I'm sure I'll still find more confetti.

A lot of Turkish families were watching the parade as well and were posing proudly with their family & flags.


Brian Miller said…
what cool interesting tht they were handing out def dont see that in the states....that was a pretty cool parade and i bet the kabouter was fascinated...

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