Made in Belgium: Udo

I generally don't like the talent shows on tv that hype every year until the new hype know the Idols,  X-factors, The Voice, etc etc... First you see a series of awefull contestants that everyone mocks and then some talents get hyped, pushed in a commercial contract after which you don't hear them anymore  pretty soon because we're already on with the latest hype.

Udo won the X-factor in 2005 in Belgium but I've never paid any attention to him.  His first single "Isn't it time" was a number 1 hit, but still surfed the X-factor hype at that time.  Ok, granted, his voice is great but that doesn't make him a good artists that will last.

This week I heard a song on the radio (De Prinstepolste) in a Brussels dialect that I liked very much. It's not a typical pop song and I was greatly surprised to hear this was from Udo.  I also heard that he was a rather succesfull & praised contestant in the local election to represent us at the Eurovision songcontest.

So maybe I should shed off my prejudice that all talent show winners are commercial and uninteresting and soon to be forgotten.  Maybe Udo really has talent , especially if he is more and more focussing on writing his own songs (he's a songwriter apparently for a lot of other artists by the way) and dares to truly develop his own style even in a niche style.  Go for it!


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