Family BBQ with loom bracelets & playing cousins

Every year on August 15th ( a Belgian catholic inspired bank holiday) all cousins of Jan gather for a BBQ.  

Everytime we had met children this summer we had seen them play with loom elastics and we were offered loom bracelets (and at work I saw all parents wearing them)...Jan couldn't hold his curiousity anymore and received a mini workshop. After a bit of confusion at the start, he got the hang of it and can now show off his own made loom bracelet :D.   Kabouter got his own made by his 2 cousins who had a lot of fun playing peekeboo with him. 


Brian Miller said…
ha. my son has one of those rubber band we have a few of those bracelets laying around...and of course everyone wants a littl snuggles from cabouter..ha....

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