San Francisco - Alcatraz

After a few days alone with Kabouter in the city, Jan was done working and he could hang out with us a bit more before we returned home.  I had realised just in time that visiting Alcatraz requires pre-booking tickets that are oftend sold out up to a week beforehand, ... just in time to book us some spots on a boat on our last day.  Pretty good as visiting Alcatraz was one of the things Jan had not done yet while he was in SF before.

So we were well in time as instructed on Pier 39 to take the boat to the famous jail Rock.

Once on shore of the small island, we strolled around the few buildings below and then made our way up to the main building of the old jail to follow the guided audio tour there.
For all those that googled like me beforehand whether the island & tour is accessible with strollers (or wheelchairs) and get mixed results:   it is stroller accessible! The road up is steep and inside the tour are some staircases but the staff brings you to an elevator to use. So everything can be visted without an issue.

In the jail, the tour is quite interesting on life in this famous jail previously, some well-known riots & escapes that have taken place, ....

Slogans here and there remind of the Indian occupation of the island after the jail closed.

The outdoor where prisoners could be "aired" out for max 1 h a day.

Although the island naturally did not have any vegetation, there's quite a lot of flowers now actually...originally planted by the warden families that called the desolate island their home for so long.


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