Culinary treat and walking

Yab loves good food...that is no secret if you follow her blog.   Once we were talking this winter about the good restaurants in the area nearby us in the Ardennes and so we booked half a year in advance a weekend that they'd come and we'd book a table in the best restaurant of the village.  

Our neighbors were babysitting Kabouter and we spent a fantastic culinary evening together. Mmm! Sometimes you just need to spoil yourself.  And it's quite handy if nobody needs to be the designated driver.  The walk in the pitch-dark streets were a bit challenging however...thankfully all smartphones now have a pocket light app to lead us the way. 

The next day we walked it off at Belgium's highest point which our guests had never seen yet.  Well , not that it is worth seeing, but at least now they have a picture at the silly 6m staircase that allow you to stand at exactly 700m above sea level.  


yab said…
A great weekend indeed! Perfect for celebrating my birthday!

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