San Francisco in the heatwave (part II)

Maybe it is time to finish finally my posts about our vacation, in the mean time 5 months ago, that Jan is already back in San Francisco :D.  So here's the summary of our last day together across the ocean half a year ago.

San Francisco was still hot, but not as much simmering in the heat anymore as the previous days.  We mostly walked up and down the Bay area and enjoyed the views along the water.

Even though Fisherman's wharf and more specifically Pier 39 is a quite tourist actually is really nice one, where it is fun to hang around day and night.  We enjoyed some decently good restaurants,  visited the Acquarium (also a tourist trap (=expensive and small) but hey... I'm a sucker for otters and they have otters, so they win. After all, meeting otters is essential for Kabouter's education).

And then it was time to say good-bye to our loud friends (but only for 5 months for Jan).


Brian Miller said…
pretty cool....i love the otters...they are so fun...been several years since i was on the left coast...

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