Music Flashback: Amor

Some music immediately triggers a flashback down the memory lane and will forever be linked to some images, memories, events. 

When I was a little kid (4-5 yrs??) , my aunt and uncle came over to celebrate New Year at our place. My sister and I both moved downstairs to the guest room (which really wasn't a ready to use guest room...but it got transformed into an improvised place to sleep for us on a sofa & mattress whenever we had guests at home while those received our rooms).

My sister and I didn't usually sleep together so that was rather special. That...and the fact of being in a different improvised bed, didn't make us sleep very fast.   But that's ok, it was a special night anyway.

But when we were finally fine asleep, we woke up by the sounds coming out of the living room. We couldn't tell right away what was going on, until some sounds came down loud and clear:


The singing along was for the entire house to enjoy.
"daddy is singing" .
I was tired and I decided to get up to tell them I couldn't sleep.  On my bare little feet and in pyjama's I all of a sudden surprised the dancing couples upstairs that were having sufficient drinks and a good time.

"Hey Goofball, what's wrong? "   they all of a sudden realized I was there.
"Daddy, can you sing Amor not so loud please? "

The noise levels were down right away. But my sister and I were still chuckling for much longer in our beds at whispering level   "Amor...amor...amor".  


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