A little smiling rascal

“Wooot woooooot”
His little train is riding endless loops on its tracks while he’s busy elsewhere. While sitting on the sofa,  I go a little bit nuts by the sound.  Since I know his understanding has grown immensely the last weeks, I give it a try.

“Kabouter, please, go and turn off your train. ….yes, turn off the train.   You go, Kabouter, turn off the train. Yes, there, the train. Turn it off”

He stands up, watches me hesitantly, then stares at the train.
“Yes, the train, turn it off please, you know how to do that”.

He shuffles a little closer and his eyes catch mine for another encouragement.

“Very good, now go and turn off your train”

He turns around, walks with determination to the racing train and pushes the green button on top…the train stops in its tracks, the house goes quiet and he turns around with a big smile of accomplishment.

“Very good, good boy, thank you very much!!” I applaud from the sofa

His eyes twinkle, his smile grows bigger and in a split second, he turns around again and pushes the green button once more. Then he runs off to the other side of the living room. 
“Wooooot woooooooooot”


He’s twisting and turning in front of the tv cupboard where the lock of one of the doors has been broken and he shakes his head.
“nooo, door has to be closed”, I confirm from a distance
“Noooooo”   he echoes

He turns around with a smile. His eyes lock into mine while he places very explicitly his hands on the cupboard door.

“Noooo, the door has to be closed” I reconfirm from a distance

He quickly opens the door a little bit, then closes it and applauds his own action.
“Closed” he echoes and nods.
He places his hands once again on the cupboard door
“Nooo, don’t open the door, stop it.”
“Noooo” he echoes and walks off to the nearby plants. 

He giggles and puts his hands on the plants and looks at me.

“Nooo, you know you should’t be playing with the plants either”
His hands shake the leaves and he laughs.
“Kabouter , NO!”
“Noooo” he echoes and he shakes his head and sends me a big smile.   


When I carry him up the stairs, he consistently starts to wrestle and move and point as he now wants to climb the stairs himself. So at the turn halfway I put him on his feet
"ok, off you go, go up"
He throws me the biggest happy smile, places his 2 hands on the next staircase ready to climb...
and then sits there on his knees, happy and chanting but not moving at all. 


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