“His mouth doesn’t stop for a moment anymore”      I was told when I picked him up at the daycare.
“And the amazing thing is that they seem to understand each other…this afternoon he’s been chatting & giggling all the time with x”

Indeed, we had also noticed that there’s ever more stories, feedback and comments.  I wish I could crawl into your little head and sit there a bit, observing the activity going on.  It seems like an amazing spot to be. But I can’t crawl into your mind, so I listen to your incomprehensible ramblings.   I need to guess which feedback you are giving us with a determined look to stress the importance of your message.  You repeat it once more while pointing because we clearly don’t give the appropriate response to your story.  

“Ball,   baba,   iaaauw,  beee, neeeee, atsjiee, baby, auto, oei, ngee ngee, BUMBA!, neeee ….”   are some of the clues we get and understand and then we need to puzzle.  Our rosetta’s stone gets filled up more and more, but there is still so much to decode.  Sometimes you visibly get frustrated because we don’t understand each other, you take our hand to bring us to the correct location where you repeat your encrypted message.  Some tears are visible because I’ve wrongly assumed that your world still limited to bananas, Bumba or Hopla on tv, a ball or cars and busses outside, but I’ve missed your point.  If I repeatedly don't understand what you want, you are showing your first tantrums.

But then something happens outside the window that draws a big “WOW” and some other explanations and we watch together and tickle each other  and laugh. (and I'm relieved the crying stopped. Pheww).  Then we take a book to read together.  While we point at the pants on the picture and then to the pants we are both wearing, I wish I could crawl into your head as I can’t wait to learn more about what you are thinking.


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