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I stole this meme from Kathleen at Verbeelding who asks us where do we find our inspiration to blog!
  • Where do  you find the time?
    My available time to blog fluctuates. Sometimes I find it very easy, sometimes it never seems to work out to find a moment to sit down and type. Having an active toddler around that loves to bang the keyboard as soon as he possibly can or who "demands" to watch Bumba as soon as he sees a screen opening up, doesn't make it easier to find some quiet computer time. Often my blog time is late in the evening, before bed time or in the weekend during some of his naps or when he's playing with Jan.

    As my blog is mainly a journal of my life and I do not  blog about my work, a lot of the updates get inspired by our weekends.  So I often have a new load of pictures then and then I write a few posts one after the other. But I'm a cheater: I try not to post more than once a day (as I am somehow convinced that I get less readers who would not spend time reading multiple posts as attentively at once). So if I have time and inspiration to write  more than one post, I do so and then I pre-schedule them during the coming week.
  • Where do you find your inspiration?
    It's my life: travels, family, vacation, renovations, music or books that catch my attention,  ....Kabouter absorbs a lot of attention of course and he's a huge inspiration.

    Themes will fluctuate as a result depending on my life: sometimes I spam my blog for a couple of weeks with vacation pictures and then that goes quiet again until the next trip.   And that's fine by me as it reflects my life. I used to blog a lot more about books than I did before and that's fine as it is the reality. I started this blog in order

    I really don't want to pressure myself with fixed themes that must appear in a fixed frequence/ sequence.
  • Do you always have full inspiration or do you sometimes suffer from writer's-block?
    I have about 80 draft posts started and never finished and most ideas don't even start as a draft. So as a rule I have sufficient inspiration. Especially in the car while driving, I write the most brilliant relevant thought triggering , funny, reflective, poetic, ....posts . When behind the keyboard, I've usually forgotten all about them and indeed, then I have writer's block   "what was that brilliant idea again???".

    My true writer's block usually is triggered by fatigue. I want to write something about something...but I'm tired, can't concentrate and the words don't come.  Sometimes I just dump the pictures without text but often I also abandon (surely if there's already some posts appearing that week, then it's just find. If my blog has been silent for multiple days , then I quickly dump a nice picture).
  • If words don't come, how do you feel?
    Frustrated. Part of me loves to share.
  • How do you focus while working on a post?
    euh...I don't.   Ha, clearly, count all the grammar errors I dare to post ;).   I always multitask, watching tv, have Kabouter running around, ...
  • Which brainstorm technique guarentees you some good inspiration?
    Geez, I'm not so organized and serious about my blog as that would take out all the spontaneity and fun.  It just comes as it comes.
  • Does music help you find blog inspiration?
    Sure, as I do regularly post about music, my ears are always very much attentive to the radio , to bands that are "Belgian", etc!
  • Where do you generate your best ideas?
    As said before: in the car. But somehow I always loose the brilliant aspect of these before I've worked them out.

    And then simply by doing lots of fun stuff.   A weekend full of activities is a natural source for lots of sharing.
  • In which inspiring environment do you love to blog?
    I blog with the laptop on my lap in front of tv in the living room. Always.
  • Do you also have a "blog bible" on your desk for those moments that you are in lack of inspiration?No, my blog is a reflection of my life so there's no point to invest in blog books that suggest tons of little lists and strategies to attract more readers etc...The more commercial , the more allergic I'm to those.  Obviously I do get style and/or content ideas from reading other blogs: eg this meme is copied from a different blog.
    But in general I lack the time to post all the things that cross my mind and that I'd love to post, so I don't think I need books that give me extra inspiration or rigid formats & rules.  It's my blog so all rules are mine.

    Let's all be genuine and original, with our own approach, rather than copying suggested formats. Let's embrace some spontaneity instead of premeditated copied strategies.
  • Which bloggers inspire you?
    Ordinary people that blog about their own life, with successes, failures, fun and frustrations in a very authentic way.  I'm jealous for many because they have the skill to write it down in a such a beautiful reflective descriptive way with a sense of humor and sensitivity.

    Kruimels is an example,   Kerygma is another, Licht in de Duisternis,  Lime  and Zusjesenzo who have become silent unfortunately,  Annelyse (although I am not interested in running, neither in crafting clothes...but she's simply genuine in her writing) , Sponzen Ridder for his fun little snippets about random things...but also other mom's that I've been following for multiple years now and where it's fun to follow the growing up of the children eg Mymommy's Place and My Life in a Nutshell and Tales from the fairy blogmother .

    This list is very incomplete!!

    In general however I'm usually disappointed by the "popular" bloggers with a lot of followers, with lots of give-aways and commercial reviews.  Erika Van Tielen is an exception as she has a very nice writing style & fun relax parenting style.  Lillith from Tales From the Crib is a little bit too calculated but still passes.
  • What are other special sources of inspiration?
    I think I've already covered that.
  • To whom do you pass this meme?
    It's available here to steal by whomever is interested. (it would be fun to know this however in a comment ). 


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