Crossing the mountains up back to Vancouver

By leaving the Okanogan we closed the loop of our road trip and crossed the coastal mountains a last time in order to arrive back at Vancouver.

We stopped again in E.C. Manning Provincial Park (*) along the way, hoping to see our grizzly friend from 2004 again.  Just as on the way out 2 weeks earlier, grizzly buddy remained invisible.  Boo-ha.
Even our drive up the mountain to a more remote valley viewpoint was exempt of wildlife.

Lightening lake in the park is still the squirrel Valhalla however. The entire large grass field along the lake seems one big tunnel network with the little rodents sticking up their heads everywhere as soon as you keep still a minute.  Clearly it was also the Valhalla for some patient photographers that were laying flat on their belly with the zoom ready at the exits of some of these tunnels. Even Kabouter seemed to figure out after a while that running into the field full of squirrels with lout shrieks of enthousiasm,  isn't the best approach to invite them to come closer :p

Our vacation ended as it had started: with a stop in Hope at my host sister's family and with a visit downtown Vancouver where we met up with my other host sister. Time for reunion and good food and good beers :).

The last morning we hopped on the Canada line skytrain one last time to head downtown and now we took the Seabus for the first time to cross over to North Vancouver and visit the Londsdale  Quay Market and nearby park. The more public transport, the better for our little one and it was fun to get once again a different viewpoint on Vancouver.

It was with some tears in my eyes that we returned back to the hotel to pick up our suitcases and head to the airport.

(*) the park's visitor center has been closed the last 4 times we drove by...not sure if it opens only in July or August or if it is indefinately closed. Anyway, the lodge or camping store on the other side of the highway is a good alternative for a toilet stop and finding some area maps.


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