I (want to) do what you do

"Bow, Bow"   he points to his sunglasses on the table
"Do you want to wear your glasses?"
"Yes" he nods affirmatively

(yep in summer, not only daddy wears glasses, but mommy has her sunglasses on most of the time too)

"Koko..." pointing at the bottles at the table
"Do you want some ketchup?"

Since we BBQ a lot in summer and always use several sauces in that case, our little one has adopted the habit to eat his meat with some drips of ketchup or mustard.


"Neus Neus"   (nose)  pointing at the tissue box at the table
"Do you want a tissue for your nose?"
"Yes yes" he nods

and then he cleans his perfectly clean nose with the tissue


We sit in a restaurant and the waitress is clearing our plates.  She did not pay attention to Kabouter so she almost drops everything when he puts his little plate on top of ours in her hands.
"Well, that has never happened before that a child is handing me his plate"


If we are drinking a drink with a straw, we'd better make sure he gets a straw too. But don't give him a glass with a straw if we are drinking from a bottle: then he needs to get a zip from the bottle too.


Since a few weeks we sometimes see him having entire conversations with some stuffed animals that are then placed as audience around his other activities.  Eg this weekend a teddy bear was seated next to his toy train track   with the words "Kijk Bee  treijn" (look bear, a train) followed by a long explanation of some sort. It's already a month that stuffed animals also need to get "feeded" now and then.


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