Very much in love on a rainy day

We were invited to my cousin's wedding yesterday. All week we were watching the weather forecast a bit with disbelief.  Exactly on the day they'd throw a garden wedding party in the middle of the summer, there was a forecast of a "fall storm" day for one day: rain showers, wind gusts,  temps around 15C.   First it was still a week away and so we could hope that the forecast accuracy was still a bit off but it remained.

So I was a bit in stress on Friday evening searching through my wardrobe for something suitable yet warmer to wear.    My lovely classy dress that I had in mind, wend back into the wardrobe and I switched to some dressy pants + blouse + gilet.  3 minutes upon arrival I pulled my winter sweater on top of those.

The garden was lovely decorated with lots of little details everywhere and fortunately the sun broke through now and then. Nevertheless we did all have to huddle close to each other under a tent for over an hour when it was pouring.  But the couple was visibly very much in love and it was fun to be with the entire family again. And we enjoyed snapping some (polaroid) pictures for their guest book.


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