Lazy weekend part II: Sunday morning

  • Picture 1 that I didn't take:

A little boy in a grey fluffy soft sleeping bag whining, but eagerly jumping with his 2 hands on the closure of his bed when I enter his room. "Play play, eat a bit"

  • Picture 2 that I didn't take: 
Kabouter and Jan and myself all in the big bed in pyjama pretending to go back to sleep.  "MAMA MAMA light out" "Papa also light out" he commands before he wants to put his head down on the pillow. We pull the duvet a bit higher. He lays with a huge smile on his face and looks at me before turning to see Jan and to crawl out again. ( you have to be really fast to take this picture right).

  • Picture 3 that I didn't take: 
Jan and I still sit at the breakfast table while Kabouter is already finished. He races around with a lot of energy and runs up next to Jan "HALLLOOOO".  When his greeting is answered, he runs around the table and stops at my chair  "HALLLOOOO" .  He puts his head in my lap while I cuddle his little body.  Then he runs to Jan again  "HALLLOOOO"  .....

  • Picture 4 that I didn't take:
We're all in the sofa and Jan and Kabouter are drawing with their fingers a drawing on the iPad. Kabouter crawls closer and closer and leans with his little body against his dad. 


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