Little halloween ghost

A few days ago the daycare surprised us with the notice that the kids could come dressed up to the daycare yesterday for a bit of Halloween obligation. 

Geez, I thought in vain that I was spared of all that costume frenzy for at least another year and wouldn't have to deal with it until Kabouter was in school.   Last year they didn't celebrate Halloween.  

I had no time at all to go shopping for a costume and I wasn't very tempted to do so anyway for something he'd wear once (while the little man has no concept of Halloween whatsoever).  On the other hand, I am not into any crafts:  the entire sawing , knitting, craft, ...hype is totally lost on me.  I can't get excited by tissue, needles, paint or ...  So I don't really feel able to invent and create something myself either.   A colleague of mine gave the golden tip to use one of my old white T-shirts to turn him into a little ghost.  And so I did.  We managed the decorate an old T-shirt with Casper the friendly ghost and with that we transformed Kabouter into Kabouter the friendly ghost for one day.  Much to my relief he seemed to enjoy it and wore his "costume" all day ( in contrast to the birthday crown which he refuses to put on). 

sizing the T-shirt


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