April 12th should be the International Day for the streetchildren. Many International NGO's lobby for this at the United Nations.   150 million children in the world have the street as their main environment to live but often also to work.

The organisation Mobile School in Leuven has been drawing attention to the street children on April 12th already for 6 years. With the volunteers we've organised a #streetsleep action, we celebrated in the park or we were #nostreetkidding.

This year I didn't help organisation as my priorities are in the motherhood at this moment. But I read along in the preperation FB group and I really liked the idea of #Streetwork16:  in solidarity we'd do what we do any day but do it on the street. So we invited companies, schools, students to come and have their meetings, work, ... at a huge square in Leuven.

Over 400 people from more than 70 organisations were working on their laptops on the square on Tuesday afternoon, but also did some ironing, were having their hair restyled or had their bike fixed. School kids were getting classes around the mobile schools.

In all honesty, the weather helped us a lot, but it was a big success that once again got nice (regional) media attention (de RedactieKarrewietROB TV) . 


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