Count your blessings - July 2016

  1. A lunch sandwich menu at work that is no longer forbidden 
  2. Finding time to catch up reading blogs in my feed. 
  3. A new breast pump that arrives earlier than predicted, just in time to go back at work.
  4. The sun in the sky during the day and some garden lights in a late evening in the garden
  5. Summer BBQ evenings at friends
  6. Observing Kabouter and Jan  having an air guitar play out at the deck
  7. Airco in the office
  8. Peanuts and sour candy within reach
  9. A toy watering can spraying water down your back on a hot day (included all the giggles that come along with that)
  10. Watching a little whining baby smiling again when his brother comes to lay down next to him.
  11. Medical evolutions that exceeded the pessimistic expectations

Some bloggers like Gerhildemaakt  or Upje blog regularly about simple things in their lives that make them happy.  Those are fun simple posts that are recognisable and make me smile. And as the world often seems full of negativity and disaster, I also want to list some things that make me happy in my daily life. This is the 7th edition. the first 6 times you can read here , here ,  here , here, here and here


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