Familiebar in the city park 2016

Leuven boasts a Familiebar in the city park for an entire month. The entire park is filled with little stools, improvised tables, some kid's toys etc. After a month of flooding rains, there's also a new "lake" in the middle of the grass field that got nicely bordered with some plants.
There is a bar with a nice range of beers, some wines or refreshing non-alcoholic drinks and in the weekends there's always a foodtruck visiting.  Apparently in the afternoons there's also entertainment and workshops for all ages but we were quite late so we missed that. However in the evening there's a DJ p laying some lounge music which is perfect to just hang out for a while with friends. The music has been tested by our toddlers and turns out to be quite dancable :D.

It's just the perfect spot to go and hang out and chill a bit with friends, even if we only hop by for an hour or so. We enjoyed it on Sunday evening and will definitely be back this summer.  We already got a birthday invitation to celebrate tomorrow :) :).


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