Golden wedding anniversary

50 years ago my parents tied the nod.
5 decades they are standing side by side, sharing their better and worse days.
Over 4 decades they've loved their 2 daughters and extended family
All that time they set us an example of love and partnership, which is a privilege to us.

Several months ago my sister and I had discussed this anniversary and brainstormed how it could be celebrated given that age and illness would exclude several potential activities. However we had never imagined we'd be going through the current worries. Some blocked weekends in our agenda passed by and although we didn't want to let it go by just like that  - it's a golden wedding anniversary after all !! -  we thought we'd better postpone until the future was a bit more clear to know which fun family activity could celebrate this occasion together.

Fairly last minute both my sister and I realised we really could not postpone.  We could not just let this day happen with my mom's daily visit to my dad in the hospital even if we'd manage to pull of a better celebration in the future. So regardless of what we can and may do in the future, we had to get time off from both our jobs and surprise our parents with a little improvised party with the 4 of us in the hospital room.

We got permission to arrive early before "visiting hours" with picnic coolers, photo books, ... and prepare before my mom would arrive.  The hospital personnel had partially spoiled the surprise for our mother, but she still hadn't expected to find us with gifts, food, camera, etc.

Although nobody should ever have to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary in a hospital room, I believe we made the best of it with an overload of snacks we could not finish, too many bubbles, gifts, photo books full of memories to treasure, ... It had been ages since we had spent some quality time with just the 4 of us so it felt good to make it a happy afternoon among ourselves. I saw my parents laughing together and I saw my dad walking unsupported for the first time since 3 months.

I had arrived with quite a heavy mood but felt much better when driving home.

Congratulations to my parents!


Brian Miller said…
smiles. sounds like you made it special for them regardless. and congrats to them. wow. 50 years.
yab said…
50 jaar gehuwd. Wow, dat moet inderdaad gevierd worden. En zelfs in een ziekenhuis kan je het gezellig maken. Denk dat jullie ouders dit gebaar erg geapprecieerd zullen hebben.

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