Our vacation in Crete in June was in Milatos. The name sounded very familiar and I only realised last week that I confused it with Miletus (Thales from Miletus...a classic city in Turkey). The drive to the hotel led us over tiny little roads across hills with sharp turns and hilly climbs and descends for 15 minutes away from the main road. Apart from one tiny settlement, we didn't seem to be near any bigger town.  But it was a bit of mystery what the Milatos town would be like further away, so we checked it out.

First we went sightseeing to the "Milatos caves" up in the hills but the entry turned out to be a non stroller accessible trail disappearing in the hills, so we skipped the actual visit.  Signs to an "authentic" village led us indeed to an almost deserted village high up with the village "family restaurant" showed 2-3 tables next to a house under the vines. Very authentic indeed, but we skipped again and descended back to Milatos at the beach.

The deserted town had a little marina, 4-5 quiet restaurants along the coast and a pub that offered free sunbeds for its guests at the tiny beach. There was one family outside at the beach. We walked up and down again, seeked some refreshments in the bar and shopped for new sunglasses for Jan. At least we supported the locals a tiny little bit.  Milatos seemed like a nice place to hide yourself from the rest of the world with a book, far from all tourist traps and any activity at all. You might get a bit lonely though as I don't suspect the place to become buzzing with activity at night.


Brian Miller said…
wait. there is another little one now too.
i am so far behind the times.


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