On his tummy

We are in a new phase: our youngest does no longer stay where we've laid him down. Even though we knew this was coming, it's quite freaky the first times when you look at the spot where Beertje was last seen :).

Already a few weeks he was kicking his legs so hard that he was turning in circles on his back and actually moving forward a bit.  A few times he had also rolled on his belly, with or without help. Since last week he really mastered that last skill. Unlike his older brother who learned to roll and once he knew how to do it, lost his interest in the skill for another 4-5 months again, Beertje loves it. Laying on your back is for little babies and he's clearly a big boy already, so he rolls over
... And then he can observe the world for a bit on his belly
... And then he's tired and upset as he can't roll back yet.

So it's a bit of a difficult phase for us as we have to go and rescue the little boy all the time. We are missing our few quiet moments where he was entertaining himself on the play carpet. Oh well, it'll pass as he'll get even more mobile. Help, he really grows up too fast, so I'll bear with the constant rescuing and flipping for now.

Obviously when filming he doesn't want to show off and only rolls halfway


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